Why Do I Have Gaps in My Teeth?

April 3rd, 2018

Gaps in teeth occur naturally. Some people have gaps because their jaws and tongue are big, compared to their teeth, or they have strong muscles in the mouth that can create spacing. This is because, in your DNA, it is a different gene that expresses jaw and muscle size, than the one that determines tooth size. Braces or Clear Aligners, can close unsightly gaps between teeth.

Before and After Treatment:

Bone loss or gum disease can also cause spaces to form between teeth, because lower bone levels reduce the foundation of the teeth pushing them out away from the tongue. Once all spaces are closed the teeth may need to be reshaped or bonded with a filling material. Be sure to ask your orthodontist what options are best during your complimentary consultation.

Small or rounded shaped teeth also may appear to have small spaces that can be masked with bonding, fillings, veneers or crowns. Be sure to ask your orthodontist what options would be best for your bite and smile.

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Dental Trends That Will Destroy Your Teeth!

January 12th, 2018

Our Millennial patients and Facebook friends ask us about various dental fads that they see on social media. These products show off amazing results by various "new" dental products and claim superior results over trusted dental brands. Social media influencers sell these products to unsuspecting followers to make a quick buck. These products have no true merit with regards to their claims and they often can cause serious harm, with long term use.

Below are 3 dental trends on Facebook, that will destroy your teeth. Word to the wise: Beware of the false whitening claims!

Toothpaste Nuskin AP24: highly abrasive, can scrape and scratch your enamel, it then coats them in titanium dioxide (white paint) that is thickened by dimethicone and other agents to stay on your teeth for a short period of time. In short this product will not give you desired long term results. If you need whiter teeth for a wedding or professional photos for a short term project, use it. Long term use can lead to yellowing and staining of your teeth because, as you use it, it will erode your natural enamel over time.

Activated Charcoal: although great for absorbing toxins in some situations, use on your teeth can be disastrous. It is very abrasive and can scratch your enamel, thus weakening your teeth. Long term use can also cause yellowing and staining of your teeth.

Lemon Juice or other natural acids: Just as the other two trends acid erodes the enamel. It erodes it on a chemical level, causing the calcium and phosphate crystals in your enamel to be lost. Long term use can cause yellowing and staining to your teeth.

These trends can cause permanent damage, requiring people to get costly fillings, crowns, and veneers, to restore the appearance of your teeth. Once enamel is lost, it doesn't grow back. Exposed Denton not only looks yellow or brown, it can cause painful sensitive teeth. If you want whiter teeth or are searching for a more natural dental product, be sure to ask your general dentist or orthodontist for recommendations.

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